5 Real World Skills Minecraft Teaches Kids

I have seen my kids enjoy playing Minecraft and never once have I had any reservations about it. In fact, Jeremy and I love to join with the boys in playing as a team pitted against each other.

We have spent so many holidays qualitatively hence!

It is just not a video game if you know what I am talking about or if you have played the game ever. It is definitely more than just that. It is a school in itself if we are of this opinion that the best way to learn is by doing and that there is so much more than bookish learning.

I love whatever Minecraft offers:

I have this feeling of edutainment with a few other companies as well. One of them is definitely Starwalkkids. The toys that entertain and teach something well is the best kind of toys according to me. They become an investment that reaps a lot of benefits. In our case, I am, sure that the astronomy toys are going to become heirloom once my kids outgrow them. The quality is so good that they will easily last a few generations.

Here are five real-world skills that I see in my boys and I can easily attribute it to their Minecraft habit:

  1. Fosters teamwork

You must see how we bond as a family over the game. It is so much fun that we look forward to this as much as possible.

  1. It inculcates coding as a skill:

The boys have been tweaking the game to include all kinds of innovations and obstructions and I cannot but help proud about them. #ProudMommaThereEh

  1. It helps build focus:

The game helps to build concentration and is a great tool for harnessing the latent talent of the kids. I will give it all five stars!

  1. It inculcates learning:

I have seen children trying to look up for ways to tweak and code the game differently. So, yes, it does encourage learning over the internet and trying to get ahead of the others.

  1. It helps in creative thinking:

We all cry ourselves hoarse over our present education system and how it does not help the children learn on their own and from experience and that they do not retain anything for too long; my experiences with this game and coding is exactly the converse. I have never found that the game encourages violence, gore or sex at all but is a great tool in innovative and lateral thinking.