7 Ways Technology Changed Romance

Romance, teenage and otherwise, has witnessed a drastic change with the advancements in technology. The manner in which a teenager romances these days is much different from the way a couple of generations earlier, people used to romance their dates. Listed below are 7 ways in which your technology has revolutionized romance in recent times.

  1. Huge dating pool

With new dating sites cropping up every other day, romance is now a different ballgame altogether. While our previous generations used to date people from school, college or the neighborhood, teenagers nowadays are spoilt for choice.

  1. Virtual flirting

Blank calls, empty envelopes, surprise visits, and flirty bike rides are things of the past. Social media is all about virtual flirting nowadays. While this could be fun to a certain extent, it could also be a sort of harassment when people cross acceptable boundaries.

  1. Always in touch

Thanks to smartphones and other devices that are compatible with social media apps, lovers are now almost always in touch. Gone are the days when thrice week phone calls were highly awaited.

  1. Romance for show

Some couples believe in showing off their romantic sides and the best place to do that is social media. Romance is all about cozy pictures with their partners all over social media.

  1. Breaking up is easier

Thanks to technology, one need not wait and prepare for a breakup. A message on a chat app or on other forms of social media is easier for people who have commitment phobia.

  1. PDA

Public display of affection happens more on social media than anywhere else these days. It is easier to talk and discuss your relationship statuses than it was earlier.

  1. Sexting

This is a new term coined by the new tech-savvy generation. There are a lot of free and paid ideas for sexting and these are for sale at lockthecock.com if you want to avail any.