Buy Your Watch Winder Carefully


Love watches and planning to increase your watch collection? Then buy a large watch box which can accommodate many watches.There are also many watch boxes that can be expanded. I bought my favourite watch winder from here that is functional and serves all purposes.

Tips to buy watch winder

The following tips can help you buy a watch winder so that you do not get cheated by the            products that are not genuine.

  • Travelers should buy a slim and sturdy watch winder that is made of leather. This can hold two and sometimes even four special watches which will easily fit into a cabin luggage and protect it from damage.
  • The watch winder should be of a good quality motor. These are generally costly butdo not damage your watches.
  • You need a winder that has more than one motion setting. This minimizes stressing only a single part of the watch mechanism more than the other parts.The winder should move both in the clockwise and anticlockwise direction so that the wear is spread evenly.The winder should also allow you to set the direction yourself or it should automatically change the direction.

There are watch winders that come with an inbuilt timer. This avoids any problems caused because of over windingyourwatch. You want that the watch remains wound correctlyso that it does not stress internal mechanism.

When buying the watch winder make sure that the quality of the wood is good. It should also be agedthrough the process of kiln drying, so that the moisture inside the wood is not existent. This is important because it prevents the cracking and the warping of the box as well asmakes sure that the hinges and the lids are aligned perfectly. The cheap winders are made of a casing that is untreated as well as with cheap quality particle board. This will wrap andbuckle or result in air bubbles in the casing.