DSLR Cameras Vs. Point And Shoot Cameras- Which One Should You Buy?

Choosing between DSLR and point and shoot itself is a confusing choice. If you are a professional, you would definitely need a DSLR to obtain fully personalized image capture. But if you are looking for a camera for your casual use, then it is definitely a confusing choice. Earlier, when DSLRs were costly, it was a clear decision that the more affordable point and shoot cameras are better for hobby photographers. But now that there are affordable entry-level DSLRs, and it is easy to find DSLR deals, the decision is tougher.

Why choose a DSLR:

  • DSLRs offer better control on your pictures. This is what makes them the best choice for professional photographers. They can visualize how they want the particular scene or subject to be captured. Then they can set the controls and click a picture to replicate their perception exactly.
  • With the freedom to change lenses, it is also easy to click long distance images as well as to obtain more details in close-up shots.
  • DSLRs offer better quality images. These images are also easier to process at later stages. Slightly retouching them can give photos that look like those clicked by professionals.

Why choose a point and shoot camera:

  • There are DSLRs that are available at affordable prices. But still, even the cheapest DSLR might seem a bit pricier than a point and shoot camera. The starting price of a point and shoot camera remains pretty low. This makes this a less expensive option
  • Point and shoot cameras can be easily carried around. This is because they come in compact sizes. DSLRs consist of the camera body and the lens. To obtain various effects, you would be carrying different lenses and filters. These add to the bulk.
  • Point and shoot cameras are easier to handle. They are not just lightweight but also come with simpler controls.