Tips To Make The Best Of Tree Stands

Tree stands or deer stands were primarily designed to give hunters and climbers a primary vantage point and keep them elevated at a safe and convenient height. These stands are attached to a tree and not very different from a tripod stand. Tree stands come in different types suitable for different trees and purposes and can be adjusted in their elevation.

The most common types are the ladder stands, self-climbing stands and the hanging (or hang-on) stands.

The best climbing trees stand must fulfill the following requirements:

  • Is a portable stand more convenient than a permanent fixture? A portable unit can be moved from tree to tree and come in good-build quality and must be industrially tested and certified and meet the standard safety requirements.
  • It is best if the stand is made of environmentally friendly materials.
  • Before purchase, it is important to check whether a tree stand must be complemented with additional climbing aids.
  • Check whether the stand you’ve chosen is designed to fulfill the purpose of your purchase.
  • The stand must be reasonably comfortable and convenient to use, especially when hunting or waiting for good shots at wildlife photography. It is important for the stand to hold the weight for sustained long tenures in a jungle/forest. If the stand is not strong and gives in, it will pave way for accidents and injuries which can be avoided under all circumstances.
  • It is important to use a safety harness and check for the additional safety gear and equipment needed to make your stand more effective and accident/damage- proof.
  • A useful stand is one that looks reasonably camouflaged and works conveniently when they specifically use non-scented products such as lubricants to mitigate the sound of creaking of wood or metal due to friction.

There is a wide selection of high-tech climbing gear available today. Choose wisely keeping in mind your requirements and do your research to get the best deals possible.