Five ways that make using your computer fun


Using a computer can be challenging and boring at times, but with the right tricks and software it can be made fun and interesting. Once you’ve mastered the basics of using the computer, there are endless things you can do and learn whilst using it.

If you’re interested in video games, it can be fun and rewarding to try and create your own. There is free software available online to do this, even if you don’t know about programming. You can even interact with other users and play each other’s games, so you can get ideas for how to improve your own creations, and maybe find a new favorite game too.

Podcasts can be a great source of information and entertainment. They’re perfect to listen to whilst you work on the computer, and you might learn some interesting facts too. If you prefer music, there are plenty of free streaming services which allow you to browse new music based on your interests.

You can also use your computer to learn a new skill. Try and find a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) in something you’ve always wanted to learn about. You can even take courses from prestigious universities such as Harvard, from the comfort of your own bed!

Learning more about how computers work can make using them much more interesting and exciting as you learn about what is happening inside the machine as you click and type. Try to learn about different OSs or programming languages. This can be challenging to begin with but once you get the hang of it you’ll have some impressive and desirable skills.

Starting your own blog or website can be a great way to pass some time and you could even make some money at the same time. If you don’t want to start your own, find a forum or message board on a topic which interests you and read and contribute to it.