Is it possible to keep personal digital information private?

As you live in the internet world, you are giving access to your personal information to countless people out there. So, everyone out there has a peek into your life. Personal information is not just your name, address or security number, it is also your photos, tweets, status updates on Facebook, connections and much more.

Your information can be misused with the growing number of hackers by the day. There are powerful search engines that can source data about you from several sites and build a profile of you!

Let us look how we can keep our data private on the net-

  • Never fill your social media profile. People don’t need to know your birth date, phone number, email address etc.
  • Enable Private browsing which is a setting available on all browsers. These days online marketing is booming. They collect data on what you want to buy or what you are looking for by analyzing your online activity and then providing you the ad s of the targeted products.
  • Don’t use the same password for multiple logins. Use a password manager tool or app to remember your passwords and logins, and also generate strong and unique passwords.
  • Mask your email address when browsing or shopping online. how? ‘Gliph’ – Use this app to mask your email address. It masks your identity. When you are required to provide your email address while registering at any website, this app would provide a fake email address. They also take care to forward any emails from that website to your real email address.
  • Enable Privacy settings on social media. This way you can filter the audience to your activities.
  • Enable a google alert for your name – You can set This option and let Google alert you when someone is searching you or talking about you.