Simple Ways To Improve Industrial Uptime

For any industry to be running well and giving good profits, here are many factors that come into play. One must consider having a competent staff, the right machinery, and the correct set-up along with the vision to take the industry forward.

However, often one notices that despite having all the above key factors, the industry still haves substantial downtime and ends up facing more losses than anticipated. More often than not, an unforeseen breakdown in industrial equipment is often the cause of industrial downtime.

Some of the main drawbacks of a sudden breakdown in the industrial equipment are mentioned here:

  • Tremendous loss in terms of industrial downtime
  • Wastage of manpower
  • Monetary loss in case of repair and maintenance
  • Huge losses when downtime counted on a yearly basis
  • Damaged goods produced due to faulty equipment, which invariably is an industrial loss
  • Potential threat to human life in case of sudden breakdown
  • Environmental hazard, if certain equipment related to leakage of harmful chemicals, oils or gasses.

Though most industries do have maintenance teams, regular maintenance of any parts ends up becoming cumbersome as well as expensive.

Predictive Maintenance is a simple method by which one can evaluate if there is any fault in the working of equipment. It can also make judgments as to when the equipment would next require attention. This helps saving industrial uptime to a great extent, as with this method one can avoid any unforeseen damage or breakdown.

Predictive maintenance makes use of many tools that assist in evaluating the condition of parts. In the case of the industry using rotational equipment like gear, fans, turbines, compressors etc. A vibration meter comes handy. This instrument can help to determine the condition of an instrument by its vibration or oscillating pattern.

Other ways to increase industrial uptime:

  • This would include, having activities and incentives to keep employees interested and alert
  • Keeping the industry updated as per latest trends
  • Taking enough care to eliminate or minimize damage by natural occurrences like increased humidity, corrosiveness etc.