What Tech Can We Expect In The Future?

Looking forward:

Being tech savvy not only means knowing what the trends are as of today but to be able to predict the trends of tomorrow. That is precisely why a lot of people are turned on by technology. It almost instinctively gives them the super power of being able to be future ready as far as being able to designs gadgets and apps is concerned.

So, it’s a little surprise if you tube channels that predict future tech developments are also very famous with the netizens. It comes as a little less surprising also when you realize that YouTube channels that have a penchant for predicting future trends like the Trendsderzukunft are at Numero Uno spot with at least a few million subscribers who follow their videos religiously!

What makes this you tube channel so exciting?

The fact is that this one channel takes its job quite seriously. They are not here for the heck of it or to rake in thousands, their main aim is the dissemination of tech information. They dissect each and every topic, bringing in every time an expert who tries to analyze and break down the topic to  be able to bring home the point not only to the newbie but also to those whose basics in technology is very strong.

My favorite:

This channel has always been my favorite and I continue to patronize it, even recommend it to my friends who are inclined to technology. We also brainstorm on the contents and very often we write down our suggestions to them which are taken seriously note of. I know this because we watched a video on Drones and we felt that there was a need to address certain kind of legislation in view of the injuries that culpably can happen to third parties, you know some sort of insurance, and sure enough, the next video on that topic did cover a bit on that and they even credited it to us in the comment section. So, that was praise worthy. I really enjoy watching the videos which are high in quality and also reliable.